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Автор: Анастасия Никулина

To learn Russian? Why not?

So you are thinking about learning Russian, but when you say it loudly and decisively sometimes you start to receive comments about unattainable skills and difficulties in learning this language. How to struggle with it? And where to start? Let’s get a line Russian and have a look at some difficulties that may terrify learners at the starting line. Ok, you want to explore Russian. You first step is probably to look at the Russian alphabet. Pay attention to letters that differ from English ones. It will always confuse you. Sometimes, it leads you to other words and diverse...

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Russian Alphabet Exploring From Scratch (with Memrise lesson!)

As you know, the Russian alphabet is different from the Latin one. The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters. Some of these letters can seem to be familiar to English-speakers. So, there are A Т О М             K O T yes, these letters are combined into words atom and cat in Russian (superpower cat  ) А Т А К А           К О М Е Т А (an) attack and comet let’s follow Р В Н C these letters always make English learners feel confused P is like R B is like V H is like N С is...

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80 Awesome Resources to Learn Russian Language

Hi, this is a very special issue because: 1) it’s in English! This article will be extremely useful for your friends who learn Russian as a foreign language (and for you if you teach or want to teach it :) 2) I’m happy to announce the English version of Language Heroes project — Feel free to invite your friends from other countries to join our language learning community. Probably, it is one of the best places on the Internet to learn Russian! Courses Learning Russian with Livemocha: A variety of good exercises for elementary, intermediate and advanced...

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